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Birthed in Downtown Phoenix, AZ, the home of the Sun Devils School of Cronkite. While some hoped for the opportunity to use their passion to create in the name of others. We decided to take our passion and build a brand that reflects the hues of life that we felt passionate about.

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Aaron Molina

Senior Author

Welcome to my literary blog, my name is Aaron Molina. I am profession writing student that will be covering stories and how they connect to different cultures around world.  As we travel around the world looking at the different cultures around the world, we will look at the prominent themes and how they are presented in their work. Through this journey of culture and literary themes we learn about global stories.

What is a global story you may be asking? A global story is a story that reaches beyond borders. There are a couple ways that an author can create a global story, the first way that an author can achieve a global story is to write a story that is not tied to any one identity or culture. A great example of this is the Disney movie Inside Out. We all have emotions so having a story where a kid is learning how to understand her emotions is something that we can relate regardless of where we are from. A second way of achieving a global story is by having a story that combine multiple cultures to create a cohesive story.

While either one of these methods can help you achieve a worldly story. What I’m going to do for you today is describe different themes from different stories around the world in a seven part series. As we explore these different types of themes, we will discuss how different cultures work great with different types of themes.

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