Sonic The Hedgehog

Grab your rings and get ready to go fast! Sonic The hedgehog has left green hill zone and is making earth his new home. On the run staying under the radar is how he has survived, but to defeat Dr. Robotnick (Jim Carrey). Sonic (Ben Schwartz) will need to team up with a small town sherif Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) to defeat this new foe.

Jeff Fowler's latest outing is sure to leave even the biggest Sonic fans satisfied. This movie doesn't follow the story of the Sonic games that we grew up on beat by beat. This film takes liberties to adapt this franchise to the big screen The first is the introduction of Sonic's mentor Long Claw, but when it comes to the Sonic we are introduced too. He is definitely the blue haired bundle of charisma that we know and love.

Sonic preparing to travel using a ring.

When this film opens up we get to see a young Sonic in Green Hills Zone talking to his mentor Long Claw. While we are never told exactly how Sonic received his abilities or why people are after him. It is in the opening sequence where we are given the gravity of the threat after Sonic. While this is the first time we get to see the rings in action it defiantly wouldn't be the last. When Sonic accidentally exposes himself, Dr. Robotnik is called to figure out what caused a city wide blackout. It's in this instance when Sonic must team up with Sherif Tom who's only goal is to truly protect and serve. When a accident leads to Sonic and the rings being separated, Tom and Sonic must travel to California to retrieve his rings all while being chased by Dr. Robotnik and his machines.

Fresh off the heals of the backlash of Sonic's character design this movie does well of mixing live action and CGI together. Sonic never feels out of in this world that they built around him. Jim Carrey's performance is this film is his return to form. I really enjoyed the energy they brought to this film and the willingness to tell a story around Sonic that's not forced to stay in the box of video game cannon. With that being said this by far the best video game movie that has ever been made, while that's not saying much. This movie is definitely worth the price of admission.

Fans of Sonic lace up your shoes and get ready to go fast. Even if you aren't a fan and just want a good ole movie to watch with the family. Sonic is the movie to get your blood pumping, write before it hits you in the feels. P.S. be sure to stay seated for mid credit scene.

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